Store Policies

If you purchase a facegaiter on this site, you are doing business with tensARC, Ltd.  For the facegaiter product, tensARC has the following company policies. 

Returns, Exchanges, Replacements

How the facegaiter arrives

Each facegaiter is considered a unit and comes in a single clear package that is sealed.  The facegaiter unit is placed in way so that its size and its colour or pattern is visible before one breaks the seal.  

Please be sure to note that the colour of the back panel when you order the facegaiter.  The back panel will be different from the rest, typically a neutral, such as grey or black.  You may not be able to see the back panel of each facegaiter before unsealing the clear package, so you will want to double check before ordering. 

No returns or exchanges.

Due to health concerns and for other reasons, all sales are final and we do not provide returns or exchanges. 


Wrong merchandise.  If there is an error in our packaging, and you have not received what was in your order, please contact us before opening the sealed bag to arrange an exchange. Any items opened cannot be exchanged.


No cancellations for website orders are possible.  Where an order is placed through another point of sale, we may work with the customer to arrive at cancellation terms on a case by case basis; if no terms are discussed, no cancellation is possible.   

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping times.   We ship orders for delivery in the United Kingdom via Royal Mail from our shop in Stirling, Scotland, FK7 7RP. Transit time varies depending on the destination.  You will receive email confirmation when your order is dispatched.

Please make sure your ship-to address is correct, lost or misdelivered packages will not be refunded.