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A better face mask

Highly breathable, durable & safe
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A Better Face Mask.

  • Filtration efficiency to CWA 17553:2020 >99%    BFE test to EN14683
  • Nose seal – reduces leakage, fogging glasses and dry eye irritation.
  • Snug fit – Stays in place – won’t ever slip down your nose when talking.
  • Durable – no loss in fit or performance when tested after 100 washes.
  • Cost effective – less than 36p per day.

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Face masks make us all a bit weary, but we’re savvy now when it comes to the features of a good face covering.  A mask shouldn’t gap at the sides or drop below the nose when talking.  We know that pulling straps tight only makes gaps worse when we exhale, allowing air and aerosols through.  The facegaiter has no straps just proper seals and sizing.   

Purpose-built to address leakage: that means better protection. No need to double up.  Less leaks, less risk.

The facegaiter is designed specifically to minimize leakage in and leakage out, to help reduce transmission of infectious disease.  It forces all air flow through a large, highly breathable filter.  That means the facegaiter out-performs other cloth masks, both by design and under real-life conditions.  The facegaiter is reusable and durable, with performance that holds up both throughout the day and after many washes.

Highly breathable, designed for performance

  • The lower the resistance the easier it is to breath
  • CWA 17553:2020 sets an upper limit of 70Pa/cm2 (filter test)
  • facegaiter 3 layer filter tested to BS EN 14683:2019 = 20Pa/cm2 (filter test)
  • Our filter is 3x larger that traditional masks = 7Pa equivalent resistance (mask)
  • This makes facegaiter significantly more breathable than other filtering masks

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Our unique design makes facegaiter much more breathable, allowing you to exercise hard.  The shaping at the nose directs air flow to the whole filter – which is the entire front of the face covering – rather than through a small area at the nose and mouth only.  A high flow filter design plus 3x larger filter area makes it much easier to breathe in. 

At the same time facegaiter is designed to filter the air you breathe and seals around you face and neck so that >95% of the air you breathe passes through the filter.  The seals on each side of the nose, for example, prevent your breath from escaping upward and fogging glasses. A highly breathable, over-size filter and effective seals equals better mask performance and better protection. See our why it works section for details on whole mask performance.

 Tested for performance

  • Designed to filter droplets and aerosols for better performance. We test the whole mask and not just the filter because that is how you use it!
  • Designed to control leakage, the main failure point of most disposable masks, barrier masks and community face coverings. 
  • Tested for impact on blood O2 saturation, CO2 levels, and facial temperature, at rest and with exercise. 
  • Developed and tested with academic partners and validated with independent testing – see why it works section for more details.

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    We extensively studied source control, which looks at containing pathogens at the source, such as a potentially infected person.   A face mask or covering designed for source control focuses on trapping pathogens that a wearer might exhale into the environment and transmit to others.  

    The facegaiter has a source-control-centered design.  It is the first reusable face covering designed specifically for source control.  As a consequence of good design, with filtration in both directions, facegaiter provides significant levels of wearer protection.

    University experts tested the facegaiter for its impact on the carbon dioxide levels in what we call the “diffusion area” inside the mask; they also tested for the impact on a wearer’s blood oxygen levels when under moderate exercise for 30 minutes.  The facegaiter is safe for these important aspects, and in fact keeps the wearer at a lower skin temperature than a FFP2/N95 respirator.