Frequently Asked Questions

My current mask slips and gaps too much, will the facegaiter fit me?

Yes. facegaiter fits your face and it stays in place

  • Designed to address leakage: an important problem with most masks
  • Doesn’t slip or gap when talking, singing, chewing, yawning, etc.
  • No clips, straps, or other fasteners needed
  • Suits all face types
  • One simple measurement ensures fit

Can I wear the facegaiter all day?

Yes. The facegaiter is made of a highly breathable, filtering fabric

  • More breathable than FFP2/N95, surgical mask, and other cloth masks
  • Keeps you cool when breathing hard: good for extended wear during the day
  • Comfortable seals at eyes and all around – no need to adjust, no need to touch!
  • Stays breathable and comfortable by design – not because of gaps or hidden leaks

Does the facegaiter provide improved protection?

Yes. The facegaiter is designed to reduce leakage in (and out) and is tested for performance

  • Reduces the wearer’s exposure to what’s in the air
  • Controls the release of pathogens by the wearer
  • Safety tested, e.g. for carbon dioxide inside the mask and blood oxygen levels in the wearer, at rest and with light and moderate exercise
  • Proof of concept validated with UK government funds and academic partners

Do I need to sacrifice style for good function?

No. The facegaiter is easy to wear, attractive, and stylish

  • Easy on and off
  • Styling to suit many looks, e.g. traditional, edgy, sport and others
  • Beautiful solid colors
  • Popular patterns

Can I re-use it? Will it keep performing?

Yes. The facegaiter is reusable and durable

  • Easy to launder with regular washing machine
  • Washable daily with no degradation in its inward and outward protection levels
  • Designed and made in the UK from a durable mix of synthetic fabrics
  • We tested the facegaiter with 30 washes and it maintained its performance

Does the face gaiter fit into mask-wearing requirements?

Yes. Face covering rules are typically broad, in order to balance compliance and individual choice.  Being fit for purpose and well-tested, the face gaiter is ready for the new routine

  • Governments are requiring face coverings in certain settings, and these requirements include masks and other forms of face covers, e.g. snoods, as long as the face covering meets the language in the rule. The face gaiter meets and exceeds what is required. 
  • Many things we do call for better masks that leak less, but non-medical face coverings do not have a rating system to help guide the public
  • With a tested mask having a known performance in the marketplace, we can begin to understand transmission rates better and get back to work with less disruption