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New version – meets ASTM F3502 & NIOSH Enhanced Performance Plus
New patterns – Summer, Winter, and Desert camouflage
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Bring the team together

Sound safety measures respect employees, customers, and the public

Perfect for the office

Collaboration and inspiration run the meeting when face masks help us protect each other.

When the team wears a mask with a known performance level, there is less uncertainty.

More certainty means less confusion when communicating risk. That makes for less worry.

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Masking works best when we all do it. The facegaiter protects the wearer and is designed to provide “source control” also. Source control reduces hazards at the source, just as self-isolating at home would do.

Our engineers designed the facegaiter specifically for source control. The special design of the facegaiter forces all air through a filter that can block the bad stuff, stopping transmission at the source.

Be strategic about business risk and employee concerns, and control what you can. Multiple studies show that universal mask wearing within a group – using a highly effective mask such as a facegaiter – provides the greatest protection for everyone. Less worry, more collaboration.

The right routine for your team

Get back to normal, lose the awkwardness of ill-fitting masks, and feel safer with facegaiters. No more disposable masks to manage and no more flimsy masks that leak in odd places.

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A facegaiter helps protect wearers and the people they are with. Always available in a variety of colours and patterns, there also is a print to order option for corporate colours or branding.

When everyone has the same high quality face covering, there’s no confusion over what to do. It’s back to a regular rhythm – nearer to normal – at work. Your colleagues can relax as a team and work as a team.

Respect for others

Face coverings enhance social distancing and help even more when social distancing is temporarily lost or difficult. They are especially important in enclosed or cold environments.

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    Controlling leakage is critical in workplaces where social distancing – staying 2 meters apart – is difficult.

    A facegaiter is designed to not leak when bending or turning on the job. And stays in place when talking or when shouting at a noisy work site. At the same time, its breathability keeps the wearer comfortable.

    Low temperatures can increase the time that aerosols linger in the air. That makes it even more important to try and keep them out of the environment in the first place. 

    Convenient, Safe, Mobile

    facegaiters are made for multi-tasking on the go. No fuss, no worry, touch-free work.

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    Transport and deliveries make the world go ‘round for both business and families. Many kinds of transport workers are at the frontline in supporting the public and our way of life. These workers need a face covering you can put on and forget.

    When down, the facegaiter looks like a scarf, buff or snood. When up, it’s a highly effective mask that won’t gap or slip down when talking to customers. With no awkward straps or ear loops, positioning the facegaiter up or down takes less than a second. 

    You may not always need to be wearing a face covering. The facegaiter is there when you need it and rests around your neck – like a scarf, buff, or snood – when you don’t. A quick on-and-off means easier compliance and better comfort too.

    Respect for the customer

    facegaiters make high-interaction jobs a pleasure again.

    A mask that works is safe and not a distraction. facegaiter is so comfortable you forget it’s there. So, your total attention can be on the customer

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    Service workers like to engage with customers, solve their problems, help with way-finding, etc. A face covering can make interactions awkward, especially when the mask distracts or gets in the way.

    A more effective mask is important. facegaiters are effective and a more comfortable alternative to other masks. facegaiters won’t slip when you talk and don’t leak as other masks do.

    The facegaiter’s nose seal is snug but comfortable, letting a frontline worker forget about fogging glasses or adjusting straps.

    Putting employees at ease will put customers at ease.