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When you need to wear a mask...

make sure its a good one.

One measurement for a tailored fit

A secure, comfortable fit means no fuss, no worry. Doesn’t move when you talk. Find your size with our measuring guide.

Fits all face sizes. Works even with beards, is comfortable with hearing aids, reduces fogging of glasses and dry eye issues.

Designed to reduce leakage. No guesswork over whether you’re protected. More confidence you are protecting others.

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Scientists, engineers, public health officials, and other experts  are identifying more risks from airborne hazards. 

Many face coverings may block some droplets, but smaller “aerosols” can flow right through some filters due to their small size. More commonly, small gaps and unseen leaks permit aerosols to flow out of a mask, or flow inward.

The facegaiter’s design forces all air through a 3 layer filter, avoiding leakage.

The facegaiter’s sizing corresponds to your head size, regardless of face shape, permitting a much better fit.

Other designs rely on straps, clips, etc. to adjust the nose and mouth area of a mask to countless facial types – a near impossible task which leads to gapping and leakage of aerosols, of all sizes.

Breathe easy: highly breathable face covering

The face gaiter is highly breathable face covering that filters at a high level and has been specifically designed to reduce leakage.

Significantly more breathable than single use disposable masks, with an effective breathing resistance of just 7Pa the facegaiter Mk3 allows you to breathe easily, with less effort, even when working hard or exercising.

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With many masks, breathability is due in large part to leakage. Poor seals and gaps make it easier to breathe, but you are not breathing through the filter.

With facegaiter, there is a 3 layer, oversize filter built in – the entire front in fact. This feature makes it easier to breathe. No leaks, all comfort.

Our tests show that the facegaiter is much easier to breathe through, when compared to a surgical mask fitted as directed: 6x better.

Feel safe with facegaiter

Enjoy your trip to the shops with a comfortable facegaiter. Fits your face, stays in place and won’t ever slip down you nose when talking. Nose seals virtually eliminate fogging glasses (requires you to follow the measurement guide and some hot air will still rise from the outside of the gaiter which may cause some fogging when the glasses are cold). Prevents dry eye problems created by nose leakage and is comfortable with most hearing aids.  All the while providing effective filtration and staying much more breathable than other masks on the market. Gaiter up!

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    Science says it’s wise for older adults to be cautious and know the risks from infectious disease.

    Many use masks, but many masks are uncomfortable and do not fit well. Masks can move and make gaps when we speak or move our heads a certain way.

    A facegaiter moves with you, with a larger surface area for better filtration and special seals designed to fit well. Less worry when your out and about.

    Tested for performance

    The facegaiter has been extensively tested for durability and effectiveness. With more than 1000 hours of in house testing and development.

    Independently validated: BFE filter testing to EN14683 exceeds the 90% filtration requirement of CWA 17553 with >99% filtration at 3um after 100 wash cycles. Full mask Total Inward Leakage (TIL) test by TPACC – the test follows the protocol for the rapid fit test to evaluate filter and seal leakage when carrying out various activities but is not yet a recognized test to any standard. For this reason an N95 respirator is tested at the same time for comparison.

    Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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    There’s a saying: companies with new products should “eat their own dog food.” By using the facegaiter in our offices since early March 2020, even before a country-wide lock down, we have done just that. Plus, the facegaiter is truly home-grown: we design and manufacture the facegaiter in Scotland with materials from across the UK.

    We developed the first version during the initial lockdown. After that early R&D came several months of testing with academic partners. We made improvements all along the way, and the result is facegaiter MK3 which entered the market in late 2020.

    Reusable and Durable

    Use facegaiter again and again and again – less than 36p per day.

    Drop it in with the rest of the wash and tumble or air dry. Wash at 60 degrees or 40 degrees

    No loss in performance after 100 wash cycles – validated by testing.

    test results - facegaiter face mask

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    facegaiter is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

    At the end of the day, you can drop it in with the rest of your laundry. Wash at a medium temperature then tumble dry for best effect.

    Testing shows it will last for months even when washed daily, with performance lasting at least 100 washes.

    Use our care and handling instructions to look after your facegaiter. See FAQs for details.