Handling & Care

Facegaiter is made from colour-fast, durable materials.  All its components, including the filter, are designed to be washed and tumbled dry, for months. 

Make sure to order a size that fits you.  Your size is based on the single measurement underpinning the size we ask you for at checkout 


Before wearing.  

As with other articles of clothing that touch your nose or mouth, it is advisable to wash the facegaiter before first use. 

After wearing. 

Our suggestions for handling a mask after use are similar to those for the handling for other cloth masks.  After wearing a facegaiter, remove it carefully, so the outside does not touch the eyes. 

Tip:  First roll the top down 1-2 inches so the inside fabric faces the outside, to the point where the eye seals show fully, and pull up with that portion of the inside fabric continuing to face outward. 

Wash hands thoroughly and practice other hygiene habits suggested by public health officials, after taking off any face covering.

Prior to washing, keep separate from items that will be worn or used again. 


Wash the facegaiter in a washing machine set to warm (40 degrees C), for a standard wash time. 

Use unscented non-bio detergent.   Do not use bleach.  Do not use fabric conditioner. 

Do not Dry clean


Tumble dry.  There is added effectiveness from the static electric charge that builds up in the dryer. 


Do not iron. 

Be sure to wear a facegaiter that is your size for maximum effectiveness.